Millim Studio


Millim is a multidisciplinary creative studio.
Founded in Rome by Chiara Pellicano and Edoardo Giammarioli. Their gaze is aimed at the research and construction of new forms of expression that create stable connections between culture, art, design and communication. The studio works in the fields of creative consultancy, art direction, product design and collectible design.
In 2024 Millim Studio was selected among the 20 Talents by AD Germany. In 2019 the studio won the Wallpaper* Design Award in the “Best Dream Design Factory” category.


2023__Marbelicious__O bench
2023__Marbelicious__S bench
2022__Cutout__Table Collection
2022__Cutout__Vase Collection
2022__Miscellaneous__Side Table
2018__Re&Regina__Oil Lamps


2021__Alter__Studio F
2019__Twins__Coffee Tables
2019__Fusion__Secondome Gallery
2018__Glitch__Secondome Gallery


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2023__ADI Design Museum__Milan, Italy                               


ITALY: A New Collective Landscape
graphic project: Alice Zani, Paola Bombelli

At the ADI Design Museum an exhibition entirely dedicated to designers under 35 who grasp the challenges of the global moment, curated by Angela Rui.

The issues before which this global moment places us and the continuous ecological and social transformations constitute the starting point for the works of young Italian designers presented by Italy: A New Collective Landscape. Produced by ADI Design Museum, the exhibition has the curatorship of Angela Rui with Elisabetta Donati de Conti and Matilde Losi, the graphic design of Alice Zani with Paola Bombelli, and the installation of Parasite 2.0 studio.

ph: ©Martina Bonetti

"The title of this exhibition may sound familiar. It originates from and transforms "Italy: The New Domestic Landscape," the exhibition curated by Emilio Ambasz at the MoMA in New York in 1972 that brought Italian design to the world by making Italy the benchmark of the modern discipline par excellence. The choice to refer to this exhibition is to understand that exporting the idea of Italian Design through the work of (then) young designers made the fortune of an entire system whose reverberations are still felt today. The exhibition stands as a proposal to overcome the nostalgia that so ties design circles to that historical period because, perhaps, the creative response could once again inspire a productive and manufacturing fabric in search of change." says Angela Rui, curator of the exhibition.

The protagonists are one hundred young designers under 35, whose works were also selected through an open call in which nearly four hundred participated. Italy: A New Collective Landscape aims to be an exhibition-program revolving around the projects, products and new practices of the designers, who are committed to meeting the challenges posed by the current moment, starting with the climatic, social and economic crises, and the repercussions these have on reality itself.

"Discomfiting Giorgio Gaber, we can reiterate how freedom is not a free space, but participation; this analysis that takes shape in the exhibition highlights the political dimension of making design today."
comments President ADI, Luciano Galimberti.

ph: ©Emanuele Chiaverini