Millim Studio


Millim is a multidisciplinary creative studio.
Founded in Rome by Chiara Pellicano and Edoardo Giammarioli. Their gaze is aimed at the research and construction of new forms of expression that create stable connections between culture, art, design and communication. The studio works in the fields of creative consultancy, art direction, product design and collectible design.
In 2024 Millim Studio was selected among the 20 Talents by AD Germany. In 2019 the studio won the Wallpaper* Design Award in the “Best Dream Design Factory” category.


2023__Marbelicious__O bench
2023__Marbelicious__S bench
2022__Cutout__Table Collection
2022__Cutout__Vase Collection
2022__Miscellaneous__Side Table
2018__Re&Regina__Oil Lamps


2021__Alter__Studio F
2019__Twins__Coffee Tables
2019__Fusion__Secondome Gallery
2018__Glitch__Secondome Gallery


2024__Thema__Baranzate Ateliers 2024__Metalique__Label201
2024__HKDI Gallery__Hong Kong
2023__Venice Design Biennial
2023__ADI Design Museum
2023__Piazza di Siena__Villa Borghese
2023__Fuori Contesto
2023__Contemporary Cluster
2022__EDIT Napoli
2022__In Search of Lost Time
2022__Villa Borghese
2022__Collectible Fair
2021__Lake Como Design Festival
2019__Still Moving
2019__Lake Como Design Festival
2019__Maison & Objet
2018__Twiner #6
2018__Ventura Future
2017__Ladies & Gentlemen

2023__Cercai un motivo trovai la bellezza__Curva Pura__Rome, Italy                                 


Cercai un motivo trovai la bellezza
Curva Pura, Rome
a project curated by Millim Studio
ph: ©Tania Alineri

“Cercai un motivo trovai la bellezza” is a project curated by Millim Studio.

The exhibition aims to deepen and build a dialogue around the correspondence between aesthetics and function, intellect and sensitive sphere, within a harmonious research between identity and expressive freedom, functional objectivity and formal beauty declined in the different materiality and planning of the exhibited works. The iconic and material objects, mostly protagonists of the domestic environment, become the expression and practice of an incisive and significant design that understands beauty as a necessary need of the human being, useful for its balance and well-being.

The set-up, also curated by Millim Studio, was designed following the concept of "balance" by relating the "first element" that is needed to build an architecture, the brick, and the "last element" that goes to inhabit it, the product of design.

Formativity and sign, surfaces and textures, curvatures, orders and ornaments respond and correspond in plural stylistic languages, between formal value and usability, material quality and physical vitality, proportion and concordant singularities, combinations and compositions that are exuberant, as well as concretely harmonious. The aim of the exhibition is to stage a selection of design products that investigate the concept of beauty not as an added value, but as the intrinsic essence of the project.

Designers on show: Giovanni Botticelli, Daria Dazzan, Millim Studio, Naessi Studio, Simone Fanciullacci and Antonio De Marco for Secondome, Giò Tirotto for Secondome, Tellurico, TIPSTUDIO

ph: ©Tania Alineri